The body contouring applicators continuously hydrate for firmer, smoother, more youthful looking skin, and help reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin sagging. These products are formulated by scientists, herbalists, and researchers to combine the highest quality of natural active ingredients. This exclusive body slimming applicator is a non-woven cloth infused with botanical ingredients. Targeting the areas you want to reduce, the applicator can be applied to the stomach, thighs, lower legs, chin/neck, back arms, buttock, and love handles.

The Ultimate Body Applicator also:

  • Firms, Tones and Tightens
  • Helps Eliminate Cellulite
  • Decreases Skin Slackening
  • Shrinks Fat Cells


The Ultimate Body Applicator must be worn for a minimum of 45 minutes the first time in order to see how the skin reacts to the wrap, and a maximum of 8 hours the second time. Once the applicator is removed, any remaining product should be rubbed into the skin. We often recommend that clients shower before the wrap is applied in order for the product to soak completely into the skin. The client will feel a slight tingling, menthol sensation. The applicators provide immediate and progressive results. Once the desired result is achieved, they typically last 2 to 6 months. Applicators should not be used on women who are pregnant or nursing.

Nourishing body wrap:

Give your body the exfoliation and nutrition it deserves with an Apple peel combined with Microdermabrasion Crystal and lactic acid. Begin by smoothing dry until skin followed by the nourishing benefits of a hydrating cranberry pomegranate and echinacea full body wrap. Finish with a body massage that leaves skin perfectly smooth and hydrated.

  • Who’s it for?
    Fine lines and wrinkles, dry/dehydrated, dull/tired skin
  • Benefits: Smooth the appearance of rough, dehydrated skin and wrinkles all over the body while infusing hydration into the skin. Improver skin tone and texture while protecting the skin against free radicals and stress.
  • 80 mins
  • $175

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