Swedish Massage:

Relaxation massage using light to medium pressure to promote lymphatic circulation and provide moderate muscle tension relief.

  • 30 Mins: $45
  • 60 Mins: $75

Deep Tissue Massage:

Similar to Swedish using deep pressure to target tense muscles or deeper muscles to relieve pain and stretch muscle fibers.

  • 30 Mins: $60
  • 60 Mins: $90

Body Cupping:

Method of creating a vacuum on the patients skin to dispel stagnation, improving flow in order to relieve pain and restore normal function.

  • 30 Mins: $40
  • 60 Mins: $70


Method of working the hands and feet which has points or areas that correspond to every organ.

  • 30 Mins: $40

The Holistic Beauty Spa is open by appointments only. Treatments can be booked online or by calling us.

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