Facial peels help deep clean your pores, fight signs of aging, greatly hydrate your skin and treat sun damaged skin. Depending upon your skin type and condition, these zesty organic peels can be done on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.



Blueberry detox peel:

This naturally exfoliating peel deep cleans pores and tones the skin. The combination of raspberry and blackberry juice and pineapple extract is high I’m vitamins and antioxidants that will nourish and refresh your skin. The lactic acid will remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of your skin texture.

  • Who’s it for?
    This peel is good for anyone except active acne and open lesions.
  • Benefits: No downtime, redness, visible peeling or irritation. This peel is very high in vitamins that tighten pores and sloughs off dead skin to improve skin texture. It purifies the skin by removing dirt and impurities. It also greatly hydrates and provides the appearance of youthful skin.

Yam and pumpkin peel:

A delicious purée yams and pumpkins accelerate the exfoliation process to peel away dead skin cells, reducing pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage. The natural enzyme content increases collagen production to leave skin firm and radiant with increase elasticity.

  • Who’s it for?
    Mature skin or anti aging prevention.
  • Benefits: Skin appears refined and smooth, the appearance of darks spots are reduced. The skin looks plump and firm. Fine lines and wrinkles are also reduced.

Vitamin C Peel:

This peel is full of Vitamin C and other nutrients to help tighten and even out skin tone. It helps brighten the skin without using any harsh chemicals by combining natural skin lighteners with gentle exfoliation.

  • Who’s it for?
    Great for all skin types especially those who have tired, dull and rough texture skin.
  • Benefits: This peel would help your skin from being rough and dull to being smooth and radiant. It’s a quick rejuvenated facial treatment with no down time, irritation or redness.

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